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Friday night’s episode on Bigg Boss 11 was one of the longest and most exciting we have ever seen as contestants, Shilpa, Aakash and Zubair got thrown into the kalkothri for the night by the housemates and padosis. But even the steal bars of the jail could not contain Shilpa. This started when Shilpa created …

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POSTMAN TASK: As we had informed you earlier yesterday about the personal and emotional touch given to the nominations this week. Now we have another shocking and latest information as to who is safe and who is nominated this week in Bigg Boss house. Well as per the ‘Postman Task”, Bani J and Lopamudra Raut …

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Bigg Boss 10 housemates, Lopamudra Raut and Bani J have always been at loggerheards and with the latest task, they took their rivalry to another level in a cat-fight. This was inevitable! Since the beginning of Bigg Boss 10, Bani J and Lopamudra Raut got on each other’s nerves and neither took any effort to …

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Bigg Boss 10 Day 3 Review: Celebs fail to do well in first task. Missed? Watch again below:  

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A 46-second clip showing Bigg Boss 10 contestant Swami Omji shows him abusing and slapping her has gone viral. Swami Omji might seem an unlikely housemate on Bigg Boss season 10, which started on Sunday night, but it turns out that when it comes to baring an ugly side before the camera he sure has …

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BIGG BOSS REVEALED Thirteen Commoners which will be going to be the participants of the new season of Bigg Boss. Watch below:

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