Oops! Bigg Boss 11 housemates believe Sshivani is a ghost, See why?

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After abusive, crazy, insensitive and ill-mannered housemates, Bigg Boss 11 house now has ghosts living inside the house! Contestants believe Sshivani Durgah is a ghost.

Bigg Boss has seen everything in its 11 years but this is perhaps the one thing that was missing. According to the inmates, there is a ghost in the house, Sshivani Durga. It all began when she started staring hard at a sleeping Shilpa Shinde, without blinking, and others saw her do it. She sat in her bed, ‘chanting mantras’ as Puneesh spread the rumours that she is possessed.

Shilpa Shinde woke right up in a while, making others sure that something weird was happening between them. Later, Sshivani spoke directly to the cameras in the bathroom how her patience was running thin and so she found a way to vent.

But Benafsha realised later in the day that Sshivani wasn’t alright. She asked her about it and Sshivani confided in her, telling her that she sees everything but it’s not right for Puneesh and others to associate everything she does with tantra mantra. Benafsha promises her that she will talk to Puneesh about it.

In yesterday’s episode, we saw Shilpa singing Bhaag DK Bose, a song from the film Delhi Belly which could have double meaning lyrics, at Vikas. Vikas took offence to Shilpa’s behaviour, saying that the insult was directed at his mother. He started banging pots and pans together in an effort to keep Shilpa up, but he only managed to antagonise the rest of the housemates, who were also trying to sleep.

The other housemates tried to get them to stop the petty fighting and let them sleep. Hina Khan and Sshivani Durga ask Shilpa to apologise but she says she won’t because she was only singing a song.

Vikas then continued his attack by hiding some of Shilpa’s belongings outside the house.

But this wasn’t the only eventful incident of the night. Sshivani Durga, a tantrik, took it upon herself to rid Shilpa of the anger inside her, and in doing so, managed to scare the whole house. The others saw Sshivani staring unbrokenly at Shilpa while she slept, and left the bedroom to discuss the strange happenings. Puneesh seemed the most rattled.

Shilpa’s antics continued through the next day when she splashed dish water towards Vikas even after he asked her not to. He retaliated by splashing water on her as well. But Shilpa didn’t stop. Instead, she launched into a self composed song to irritate him. Vikas told the cameras that this is the ‘paagal aurat’ that the audience and him liked as an actor.

Hina tried to talk some sense into her, but all she got was an earful. In the end, Shilpa could add Hina to the growing list of people she has peeved off.

But before you forget, Bigg Boss also has tasks, and like everything else, even the task of the day before was continued. After winning one point apiece, the Bigg Boss farm saw Hina trying to catch loose chickens with her bare hands and transferring them into a coop. The catch: She was blindfolded, with only the commands of two other housemates to guide her. Aside from probably hurting the birds, she managed to do a good job.

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