Bigg Boss 10: Contestant Swami Omji’s video of abusing a woman goes viral

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A 46-second clip showing Bigg Boss 10 contestant Swami Omji shows him abusing and slapping her has gone viral.

Swami Omji might seem an unlikely housemate on Bigg Boss season 10, which started on Sunday night, but it turns out that when it comes to baring an ugly side before the camera he sure has a history. An old video that mushroomed online on Monday reveals the Swami abusing and slapping a woman on a live talk show.

The 46-second clip is taken from a new channel discussion on the controversial godwoman Radhe Maa, and has Swami Omji in a heated discussion with Jyotishacharya Y. Rakhi and Dharmguru Deepa Sharma.

Watch below:


Swami Om Ji was the first contestant on the show. He is a one of the commoners selected by Salman Khan for Bigg Boss.
Swami Om Ji was the first contestant on the show. He is a one of the commoners selected by Salman Khan for Bigg Boss.

The Swami, who is introduced on the show as belonging to Hindu Mahasabha, is seen defending Radhe Maa, and he takes to insulting Sharma at one stage to make his point. Among other things, he is heard saying that Sharma is a woman who has been blackmailing her husband and has been living away from him for three years, so she has no right to criticise Radhe Maa.

Sharma then gets up from her chair and walks across to Swami Omji’s chair. “Tameez se baat karo (speak courteously),” she says, following which she tries to slap him and fails.

The Swami then charges upon her saying “Tu kya maregi! (you think you can hit me!)” and slaps her. Sharma, too, retaliates before they are separated from each other.

The video strikes as an irony because Swami Omji was seen gushing over the female contestants on entering the house on Sunday.

He called special guest Deepika Padukone as Goddess Lakshmi and also gave the name of a goddess to each of his female housemates.

Incidentally, he also unleashed a whole lot of mirth among fellow contestants, the viewers and also show host Salman Khan with his comments.

Bigg Boss 10 has tried out a new format mixing a smattering of commoner contestants with celebrities as contestants in the house.

Swami Omji is among the commoners. It remains to be seen what spat he will trigger off with the celebrities with such boorish behaviour.

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