Four biggest fights so far on Bigg Boss 11

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The premiere of Bigg Boss season 11 was marked not by the exchange of pleasantries among the eighteen contestants but by trivial fights. Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta locked horns in front of Salman Khan only and commoner Zubair Khan changed colours on day one of his stay in the house.

However, the first day of the show seems to be a trailer of what will transpire later in the Bigg Boss 11 house. And we are not complaining as this is what the format of the show has been over the years. Fights, melodrama, controversies and some scandals to be on the top of the game, are some of the key features that define this Salman Khan hosted show.

Just like the previous season of Bigg Boss where the battle of commoners vs celebrities gave the audience some bizarre moments, this season too has a blend of celebrities and commoners fighting it out (in the literal sense) for the winner’s title. Check out the major fights of the Bigg Boss 11 house until now. Check out the four major fights of the Bigg Boss house until now:

1. Shilpa Shinde Vs Vikas Gupta
Shilpa and Vikas have a past. Babiji Ghar Par Hain which was Shilpa’s ticket to fame was aired on &TV of which Vikas is a programming head. Shilpa left the show after claiming that she was ‘mentally tortured’ by the makers. The makers of the show had a different tale to tell. They said that Shilpa threw tantrums on the sets and even asked for an irrational pay hike.

All of this was brought up again in the house of Bigg Boss on the premiere episode of the show itself. When Salman asked Shilpa and Vikas if they knew each other, Vikas agreed of having issues with the TV actor. Shilpa in return replied that it was all in the past but Vikas continued by saying, “Bada khatarnak past tha. (It was a dangerous past)”. Despite Salman intervening, the two didn’t back off.

If such was the case in front of Salman, we didn’t expect anything less from them inside the house as well. On day one of their stay, Shilpa and Vikas got into a heated conversation over the same issue. Post the fight, Shilpa teamed up with Akash Dadlani and poked fun at Vikas’s feminine gestures.

2. Zubair Khan Vs Fellow contestants
Within two days of his stay, Zubair Khan created quite a stir in the house. His disgraceful couplets and foul language didn’t go down well the other housemates and as Sapna Choudhry retaliated, she was told by Zubair to stay in her limits and not tell him what should be done. Later, he indulged in a futile argument with Puneesh Sharma too and it went to an extent where other contestants had to intervene. He also irked commoner Bandgi Kalra and asked her not to bank on his name for TRP.

3. Benafsha Soonawala Vs Jyoti Kumari
Nominations have always been synonymous with ugly arguments in the Bigg Boss house. And one such fight took place on the first nominations process of season 11 between Benafsha and Jyoti. Irritated with Benafsha’s habit of telling Jyoti to say ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’, Jyoti told her not to order her around and mind her own business. Later, the entire house turned up against the girl from Bihar, Jyoti and advised her to show some respect towards her elders in the house.

4. Vikas Gupta Vs Akash Dadlani
Akash Dadlani made fun of Vikas’s feminine gestures. While Akash was making fun of him, Vikas didn’t say anything but when given the chance he blasted and defined manliness for Akash. He asked Akash what’s the problem with being feminine. Asking him if he even knows the meaning of the word ‘bro’ which he often uses while interacting, Vikas gives him a piece of his mind and tells him that he should know how to respect his elders.

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