Bigg Boss 10 weekly nominations: With just few days away from the grand finale of Bigg Boss season 10, the game has got intense. It’s the start of the week and the grind for nominations has already started.

This time nominations have got really tough with a personal touch. Bigg Boss has given a family twist in the nominations this time round as all the housemates will become postman and every housemate gets a parcel from their family which will be with the other housemate. Now if contestants want to save themselves they will have to burn the parcel they have but if they want to nominate themselves they will give the parcel to the respective housemate.

Take a look at this video:

During the task, Manu Punjabi has Monalisa Antra’s parcel but he doesn’t wants to nominate himself. At this Mona breaks down during the task and Bani tries to calm her down.

Monalisa breaks down during the task.

Well Rohan has already been nominated, but who other will be nominated this week?

Stay Tuned for all the updates on Bigg Boss 10.

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