Bigg Boss 10: Swami Om re-enters the house, He refuses to go back in the jail….

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In yesterday’s Episode of Bigg Boss 10: Rohan and Mona bid on Manveer, Lopa, Manu, Bani and Swami.

Everyone wakes up to ‘Maalgaadi’ song in the wake of the upcoming task. Rohan tells Bani that he is expecting sorry from Lopa but she didn’t even say it once. He says that he wants to protect her. Bani replies by saying that she is sorry on her behalf. Bani asks Nitibha why she is staying alone all the time. Bigg Boss calls Rohan and Mona in the confession room and tells them that they are given an opportunity to win the prize money again and bring it back to 50 lakhs. In the wake of this, the contestants are given a task.

The contestants begin the task with Rohan Mehra and Mona Lisa as jailers. Bani J, Manveer Gurjar, Manu Punjabi and Nitibha Kaul are prisoners. They either have the option to remain inside the prison, and add the money attributed to their name to the final stash or come out and have a shot at captaincy.

Bani J is the first one to give up and comes out of the prison cell, saying that she wants a shot at captaincy and can earn money anytime. Swami Om re-enters the show. He is wearing half a dozen garland around his neck. He says that he was showered with love by fans, but the truth is that he asked Bigg Boss to give him those garlands for pooja and wore it himself and is trying to fool the contestants. He is immediately asked to take part in the task as a prisoner. When the first buzzer goes off, later in the evening, Swami gears up to exit the prison cell. Contestants try to stop him. He exits anyway, disregarding the rules of the task, which said they have to exit after a discussion with Rohan and Mona Lisa.

Swami gets a thrashing from Bigg Boss saying that he should go back in the jail. He refuses. Bigg Boss announces that he won’t be eligible to be the captain. Mona and Rohan pick Lopamudra Raut to be released. Mona makes Swami go back to the task. Swami exits the jail again after 5 minutes. Later, the task comes to an end after Bigg Boss’ announcement.

The housemates bitch about Bani J leaving the task mid way right on her face. Upset about her decision of giving up on the task once again, Lopa reminds her of her new year resolution that she had announced in front of everyone.

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