Bigg Boss 10: Swami Om given a final warning! Bigg Boss threatens to evict him

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You may hate him or like him, but Bigg Boss 10’s most notorious candidate Swami Om has no intentions of changing his ways. And now it seems he has stopped giving a damn about the makers of the show as well. Despite a warning from Bigg Boss to mend his ways, he was least bothered about the rules of the game. He once again gets so engrossed in the character he is portraying in the luxury budget task that he killed the fun of the game. Not only this, he did not even care if he hurt himself or some other contestant while doing so.Priyanka Jagga needs to know the difference between playing the game with sportsmanship and playing it with fear of losing. This Delhi girl chooses the latter at many instances. She stoops to the lowest levels and gets personal during the task. In Tuesday’s episode, Priyanka had a fight with Manoj Punjabi and pulled in Mona Lisa unnecessarily. Despite knowing what Mona is going through on the personal front, Priyanka tells the Bhojpuri actor that nobody outside the house will accept her and she will be left alone only with her mother.Amidst all the negativity prevailing in the house, Manveer’s poetry for Nitibha during the love-letter task offered the audience a laughter dose. His random words might have scarred the poets but definitely brought a smile on the face of Nitibha and the viewers. One of his letters read, “Tujhko pukare mere geet re, o mere meet re”Mona Lisa yet again broke down and urged the audience to vote her out. The growing pressure of the game is taking a toll on her emotional well-being. Manoj Punjabi too is losing his patience with her and wants the audience to vote her out because till the time she is there in the house, his game will also be affected.Gaurav Chopra and Bani were the ones least bothered with what was happening inside the house. Both of them were busy enjoying the love-letter task. Gaurav wrote some cute messages for his friend Bani which brought back the smile on her face. He wrote, “I might not be Ranveer Singh but this is a real thing”Bigg Boss called Swami Om in the confession room and warned him to steer away from his threats and physical violence else he will be thrown out of the house without any prior warning.

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