Bigg Boss 10: Manu Punjabi returns to the house through the secrete room

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After days of speculations around the return of Manu Punjabi in Bigg Boss 10 house, it has been confirmed that one of this season’s favourite contestants has re-entered the house. But there is a twist. Manu has not gone back to the main house, but into the secret room.

Manu had to leave the house last week due to the sudden demise of his mother. After performing his last rites and spending time with his family in Jodhpur, Manu has decided to return to the Bigg Boss house.

It was not just Manu’s closest friends in the house, Manveer and Mona Lisa, who were feeling a vacuum in his absence, even the viewers of the show felt something was missing. Manu has been playing his game really well until now. However, the Jaipur guy has not entered the house itself but the secret room where Priyanka Jagga is already locked up.

Priyanka got ‘evicted’ from the show last night in “Weekend Ka Vaar”. But, unknown to other contestants, she was shifted to the secret room. Manu was also sent to the secret room where he got an emotional welcome from Priyanka.

These two might not be getting along in the main game, but looks like when in secret room, all rivalries come to an end. Will the two do better plotting and planning from there, before the doors of the main house are opened to them one more time?

Here are some of the images of Manu entering the secret room, to an utter surprise of Priyanka Jagga. Check them out.

Despite being a commoner, he has maintained a strong stance against the celebs. When he went inside the house during the start of season 10, he had announced to host Salman Khan that he wants a commoner to win the show this time. Will his getting back to the game bring back the lost sheen and excitement in the house? Watch this space for more.

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