Bigg Boss 10 highlights: Manu Punjabi exits, seven out of 10 contestants nominated

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Come the nomination day in the Bigg Boss 10 house and you cannot expect anything but hue and cry in the house. Yesterday, Bigg Boss asked the housemates to unanimously decide one name out of the three wild card entrants who will get nominated directly, everyone agreed on Priyanka Jagga. The reason is her fluctuating behaviour does not go very well with the contestants. Instead of accepting the decision in good spirit, Priyanka lost her cool and started yelling at everyone in the house. Manveer tried to calm her by saying that she is a fighter but Priyanka was inconsolable.

p2Bani J stabbed her supposed best friend Priyanka Jagga in the back as she too agreed to nominate her. Priyanka swears she will make everyone suffer in the house. She regrets being good to celebrities. Nitibha and Manveer suggest that she should be her real self and be the way she was during the premiere week of the show. It looks like the great wall between celebs and commoners will not go down anytime soon. While she is upset, Priyanka disrespects Bigg Boss and refuses to be a part of the nomination process. On this, Manveer jokingly suggests that Bigg Boss should get a stick and teach defaulters a lesson.

p3Manveer, Manoj, and Mona Lisa have to go through another difficult phase of friendship as Manoj leaves the Bigg Boss house to perform the last rites of his mother. Manveer gets emotional as Manoj informed him about his exit. He refuses to believe the news of Manoj’s exit and asks Manoj not to play such pranks with him. But unaware about the unfortunate happening outside the house, Manveer had to bid goodbye to his best friend. Manoj will return to the house in a few days.

p4Swami Om has once again entered the Bigg Boss house. Swami Om consoles Priyanka and tells her that she will not be eliminated from the house this week as he has asked Bigg Boss to neither evict him nor his beloved daughter from the house. We sometimes wonder if this self-styled godman has become a self-styled Bigg Boss too.

p5After many weeks, the housemates got a chance to give it back to their foes. As there was no nomination task, contestants didn’t have to be politically correct during the closed-door nominations. This gave them a chance to nominate even those with whom they don’t want to spoil their relationship inside the house.

p6By the end of the nomination process, seven out of 10 contestants got nominated for eviction. Bani J and Sahil Anand got the highest number of votes. Lopamudra, Manveer, Rohan, Nitibha Kaul and Priyanka Jagga are also among the nominated contestants.

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