Bigg Boss 10: Lopamudra threatens to ‘SLAP’ Swami Om!

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Bigg Boss has reached in the seventh week and drama is increasing in the house, courtesy Priyanka Jagga and Swami Om. And in today’s episode is going to be very interesting as contestant Lopamudra has threated to Slap Swami Om.

Actually, Nitibha and Lopa decide to have some pool time. Both of them step into pool. Priyanka comes there Nitibha and Lopa decide to prank on her. They tell Priyanka to step in the pool and try to pull. Just then Priyanka slips and gets bruised.

But she makes an issue out of a molehill. Swami Om, who is close to Priyanka shouts at Lopa and Nitibha while both of the girls are apologizing to Priyanka.

Swami instigates and Lopa looses her cool. She throws toilet roll on Swami which gets missed. Swami Om then starts his typical drama and tells Bigg Boss to throw Lopa out of the house. Lopa then comes up to Swami and say if she really had to hit him, it won’t be with a toilet paper roll but with a tight slap.

Stay tuned for all updates.

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