Bigg Boss 10 highlights: Priyanka Jagga loses captaincy as she failed to manage the luxury budget task well

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In the Bigg Boss 10 house, you can expect a tussle on an issue as petty as preparing dough for breakfast. This is exactly what happened in the house yesterday. The challengers who are responsible for ensuring a regular supply of basic amenities like water and cooking gas refused to pedal the cycle unless and until breakfast is prepared. Upset with the tantrums of challengers who were influenced by Bani, Lopamudra and Nitibha complained to ‘sanchaalak’ Priyanka Jagga only to return disappointed. Priyanka too supported challengers and finally, peace came back in the house after Gaurav prepared the dough.

b2A few weeks back, it was Bigg Boss who challenged friendships in the house through a task but this time it is the circumstances of the house that are testing the strong bond between best friends Manveer and Manoj Punjabi. Both the friends are keen on taking up captaincy in the house and are unwilling to give up the opportunity for the other. And then there is Priyanka Jagga who knows exactly where to hit so that it hurts the most. Priyanka fuels the fire by telling Manveer that he needs to walk away from Manoj’s shadow if he wishes to move ahead in the game with his head held high.

b3Mona Lisa, who is somewhere responsible for the rift between Manu and Manveer, feels bad as her friendship with Manveer is showing cracks. She loses her calm and soon is in tears. Unable to handle the growing pressure of the game, she wishes to go back home. Manoj intervenes and tries to make up for the fight. He leaves Manveer and Mona Lisa alone to sort out the matter.

b4Priyanka Jagga lost her chance of being a captain of the house as she failed to manage the luxury budget task well. She didn’t wake up the housemates when the challengers stopped pedalling and this is why Bigg Boss announced that she cannot be a contender for captaincy this week. Swami Om was upset with the announcement and decided that he will become the captain of the house.

b5Swami Om’s captaincy aspirations were thwarted by Sahil as he emptied his test tube. Swami felt cheated and got emotional on not being supported by the new entrant in the house. Sahil tried to pacify him that it is a petty thing and if it would have been elimination, he would have supported Swami for sure.

b6Who would have thought that Swami Om who has been faking his friendship with the housemates will get emotional over his ‘daughter’ Priyanka Jagga’s comment? In the heat of the moment, Priyanka told Nitibha that Swami is not her father but she didn’t realise that Swami was overhearing her. Swami Om shed tears and told Nitibha that he is used to such behaviour from his loved ones.

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