Bigg Boss 10 Captaincy task: Manoj Punjabi and Manveer’s friendship at stake over captaincy task

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The responsibility of luxury budget comes solely on the challengers in the house.

After Bigg Boss took away the privilege of being a captain from Rohan Mehra yesterday, now is the time to appoint a new captain.

Bigg Boss introduced a fun task, ‘Gayi captaincy pani mein’ to the contestants which is to give them a fair chance to fight for the captaincy in the house. But as usual the task has brought a storm in the house as supposed best friends, Manveer and Manoj Punjabi have got into their first fight just to win the captaincy. The contestants will have a test tube of the other contestant and after each gong, one contestant’s test tube has to be emptied by the contestant who has it and will also have to specify a reason as to why they don’t want the person to be the next captain. So, a lot of spice, drama, and action awaits us in tonight’s episode.week-task

Meanwhile, Swami Om who always has his tears ready to emotionally blackmail the other housemates in the house will be seen using them to win captaincy this time. He will request Sahil Anand, who has his test tube to not empty it. Also, Swami has an interesting reason to give to him for not emptying his test tube and that reason can be nothing but Swami’s daughter, Priyanka Jagga.c4

Also, Bigg Boss has put the responsibility of this week’s luxury budget solely on the shoulders of the four challengers, Elena Kazan, Rahul Dev, Bani J and Jason Shah. They will have to peddle the cycle until Bigg Boss asks them to stop. And, the water and gas supply in the house will depend on this task. Bigg Boss tells Priyanka Jagga to monitor the task and if she makes sure that the task is going smoothly then she will become a contender for captaincy this week.riy

Will the fight for captaincy bring differences between Manoj Punjabi and Manveer? Stay tuned for more updates.

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