Bigg Boss 10 house in another drama! Swami Om cries after he is revealed as a thief

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In the Bigg Boss 10 house, you may stay for 90 days or for 10 days, but your understanding of Swami Om’s personality will still be incomplete. Yesterday another trait of his personality was revealed by housemates, Manveer and Manoj Punjabi, and that is the fact that Swami has been stealing from other contestants. He has stolen toiletries and spoons in the house and trust Swami Om to come up with an explanation even for that. He said he was saving the toiletries for his daughter, Priyanka Jagga, and the spoons were to save him from ‘asoor shakti’!

c2Insecure of her position in the house, Priyanka Jagga tried to get back with her old gang in the house, which included Swami Om, Manveer and Manoj Punjabi. In the midst of her efforts, she offended Mona Lisa by warning her to stay in her limits. The uncalled for advice didn’t go well with Mona Lisa. Both the ladies got into an ugly verbal spat. Though Manoj Punjabi tried to intervene but both of them were adamant on proving the other wrong

c3With so much happening in the house, captain of the house Rohan Mehra was dethroned. Rohan failed to fulfill his responsibilities and he was barred from being the captain for the entire season of Bigg Boss. Apart from his failure as a captain, Bigg Boss was infuriated by the reasons Rohan gave for failing to do his duties. He asked for more powers as a captain from Bigg Boss so that he could manage the housemates properly.

c4Swami Om couldn’t hold back his tears after being tagged as a thief by his fellow contestants in the house. Manveer tried to console him and Manoj Punjabi uttered his favourite words that nobody will say anything to Swami until the time he is in the house.

c5Bani got a sweet treat as her friends sent a protein cake for her birthday. All excited, Bani cut the cake and shared the first slice of it with none other than her best friend in the house, Gaurav Chopra. But, Rohan was upset with Bani’s self-centered behaviour as she asked the housemates to not eat the cake without her permission.

c6Manoj and Mona Lisa discussed the time-table of Nitibha from morning till night and how she changes her group by the end of the day. Manu further told Mona Lisa how Nitibha avoids them the whole day but as the day comes to an end, she gets closer to Manveer.

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