Bigg Boss 10 last night preview: Rahul abuses Swami Om, Bani breaks down

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Last night in the Bigg Boss 10 house, Bani J breaks down in the house and demands that she should be left alone. Rahul says Swami is full of sh*t.

Lopamudra disturbs Rohan in his sleep and sits with him. She tries to trick Rohan into opening the lock’s safe that contains the task’s gold. But Rohan plays smart and understands her intentions. After a few attempts to get to the gold, Lopa gives up. She then goes on to apologise to Bigg Boss and complains that Manu is not actively participating in the task.

Bani and Mona gets into an argument over cleaning utensils. Bani tells Mona that she is not personally attacking her, but she want kitchen to be cleaned. Lopa takes Mona’s side and she gets into a never-ending argument with Bani, where she tells Bani that she should practice what she preach. Manu says that he doesn’t want to have breakfast since Bani is making it. Manu, Lopa and Rohan discuss Bani’s behavior. Bigg Boss announces that after the sound of buzzer, BB gold mine task will start.

The task gets started on the sound of buzzer, Manveer and Nitibha starts their work. Swami refuses to perform the task and asks Guarav for the breakfast. Gaurav gets frustrated and yells at Swami by saying that he won’t give a special invitation to call for breakfast. Swami tells Bani that she shouldn’t abuse him as she did in the morning. Rohan ask Swami to perform the task. He says that his team is not asking him to participate so he won’t participate in the task. Rahul and Swami get into a fight, when Rahul calls him full of sh*t. Swami yells at Bani again, as he said that he doesn’t want to talk to a person who abuses. Rohan ask for a pearl which Swami is hiding in his pocket. Swami refuses to give it to him by saying that he found that in his room. Bigg Boss announces that the task has been ended and congratulate Rohan for doing a good job. Bigg Boss says that Manu and Lopa has failed badly in the secret task so they won’t be competing for the captaincy. Manu says that no one knew that he too participated in the secret task. Rahul congratulates Manu by saying that he did a fair job.

Manu claims that he didn’t even get to read the letter of secret task. Bani sees some photographs among her belongings and starts crying. Everyone starts discussing about the secret task at the dinner table. Swami warns Manu that he could be sent to jail by Rohan. Manu replies that he didn’t do anything wrong then why would he be sent to the jail. Bani sobs on seeing the photographs and covers herself with a blanket. Gaurav asks Bani if she has had food, she replies by saying that she had it early. Gaurav and Rahul discuss about Bani’s behaviour. Bani sits in the garden area and cries when Gaurav drops in and ask Bani that why she is not joining him for food. Bani replies that she doesn’t want to be around people for some time.

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