Bigg Boss 10: Guess who’s returning to the house this weekend?

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Yes! We can reportedly confirm that Priyanka Jagga – the trouble-maker of Bigg Boss 10, who was eliminated from the house in the first week will make a wild card entry to the house this weekend.

Priyanka Jagga is all set to get locked inside the Bigg Boss house once again.

In the Bigg Boss 10 house, the first one to get all the attention, as well as the tag of a trouble-maker, was Priyanka Jagga. Her notoriety was short-lived as she got evicted within the first week of the show.

However, within one week of her stay, she topped the hate list of most of her co-contestants. Undoubtedly, her ugly fights with Bani J and Rohan Mehra got the TRPs of the show sky high in just the premiere week.

And now, get ready to witness much more exciting weeks after a dull show by the present contestants of the show. It is confirmed that Bigg Boss 10 house will once again be high on spice, drama, fierce fights, and controversies as Priyanka Jagga make a wild card entry to the house this weekend.

Though the 32-year-old marketing professional earlier refuted all rumors about her comeback to the show through her Facebook post, but now it seems Biggie has convinced her finally.

“Priyanka Jagga is making a return to the show as one of the wildcard entries. It will be exciting to have her back now that things in the house have changed,” a channel source.

The housemates will soon get this big surprise from Bigg Boss but will it be welcomed or is something we will have to wait and watch? For us, new controversies, changed dynamics in the house and uncalled for fights will come as no surprise as new wild card contestants enter the house this weekend.

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