Bigg Boss 10: Lokesh Kumari shown the door in a double eviction weekend, Manu is very upset with Lokesh’s eviction

Manu is very upset with Lokesh’s eviction.
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Bigg Boss 10 contestant, Lokesh Kumari Sharma had to leave after five weeks in the house.

Host Salman Khan revealed to the viewers of Bigg Boss 10 on Saturday that not one but two contestants will be eliminated this week. Karan Mehra had to leave the house in Saturday’s episode and Lokesh Kumari Sharma was shown the door on Sunday.

Lokesh was fans’ favourite in the initial episodes of the season, She didn’t involve herself in drama as much as a lot of other contestants did but took a backseat to other contestants like Manu and Manveer towards the end of her tenure in the house.lokesh

She made friends with Manveer, Manu and Nitibha during her stay. Manu and Manveer called her a sister and were visibly upset at her elimination.

Rohan, Manveer and Manu hugged out their differences after her exit as they realised that there is no point to fighting when people they love are going to leave the house like that.

Manu is very upset with Lokesh’s eviction.
Manu is very upset with Lokesh’s eviction.

Salman asked Lokesh what happened and why she lost her spark. She replied by saying “The sweetest people are the ones who get eliminated first.”

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