Bigg Boss 10 Today’s highlights: Manveer wants to go on a date with Bani, Swami massages Mona Lisa’s back

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Finally, we get to catch some interesting action in the Bigg Boss 10 house on Friday. Commoner Swami Om, who is earning popularity with all his weird yet eye-catching antics, once again hogged the limelight in yesterday’s episode. He was seen shedding tears inside the house. He told the inmates of the house that from past 10 days, he has been crying while performing his prayers. He feels ashamed of whatever he has been doing in the Bigg Boss house. Along with Indiawale, Rahul Dev tried to calm him down and told Swami Om that he is no less than a child.bani-lopa-fightsJust like previous week’s immunity task between Lokesh and Naveen, this week’s immunity task too created much hullabaloo in the house. On being asked by Bigg Boss three names who performed well in the weekly task, Lopamudra gave Bani’s, Mona Lisa’s and her own name. Naveen was the judge of the task. While Mona Lisa gave up immunity task almost immediately, Lopamudra and Bani tried their best to win it. After a tough fight, Naveen declared Lopamudra the winner of immunity task. Lopamudra celebrated her win and sneered at Bani saying it is the win of good over evil.swami-monalisa-1200While older friendships are on the verge of ending, the newer ones are ready to replace them. Manveer and Naveen discussed Manoj Punjabi’s stupid behaviour and felt that Manoj is getting trapped in the game. Meanwhile, we see Mona Lisa and Swami Om dancing to the tune of the morning alarm. Later, after the immunity task, Swami Om even helped Mona Lisa by applying ointment on her back.rohan-manveer-luxury-budgetFor the luxury budget task, Bigg Boss made the inmates of the house play an interesting game where they had to come in pairs and answer questions pertaining to their perceptions of each other. The first pair to come in was Rohan and Manveer, where we get to know that Manveer wants to go on a date with Bani and later when Bani came along with Manoj Punjabi, she revealed that according to her Manveer is the hottest contestant in the Bigg Boss house.lopamudra-luxury-budgetThe Appy Fizz Feel The Fizz Task got interesting with Lopamudra’s correct guesses about Nitibha Kaul. Lopamudra was asked who according to Nitibha is the dumbest inmate in the house. Lopamudra made the right guess as she took Mona Lisa’s name. She was also proved right when she came up with Lokesh’s name when asked who according to Nitibha is ‘overacting ki dukaan’. Celebrities team managed to with the task with a lead of 3-2 over Indiawale.

bani-manveerManveer told Bani what he feels about the celebrities in the house. According to him, Rohan, Gaurav, and Rahul are cowards as they are not vocal about their opinions or anything that happens in the house. Bani agrees with him and tells him that everyone is playing their game in the house.

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