Bigg Boss 10: Mona, Lopa set fire to water and more highlights from last night

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Last night was one of those rare instances when not a lot of fights were witnessed in the Bigg Boss house. But don’t worry! The episode was fun nonetheless, thanks to Lopamudra and Monalisa. What did they do? Find out in the highlights we have listed for you.

In Swami ji’s words, “kya adaein hain”.

Mermaids in da house now!

Lopa and Mona decided to don their fancy bikinis and got inside the pool now that the celebs are in power again.

Both the ladies looked stunning and everyone in the house agreed with that. Everyone, even Swami ji, came and sat beside the pool to get an eyeful.

Nitibha, Karan get sent to jailmm

It was Thursday and also therefore it was time to send people to jail! The celebrity team decided that Kara? should be sent and the commoners’ team choose Nitibha.

While Nitibha wasn’t happy with the decision, Karan took it like a sport.

Bani, Gaurav and Rahul get punishedmmm

Some people will never change!

Bigg Boss decided to punish Bani, Gaurav and Rahul for repeatedly speaking in English even when told not to.

They were given an overnight task where they had to keep running a sewing machine-like apparatus with their legs.

If they stop at anytime, the lights of the entire house will be turned on at night and the rest of the house mates will be woken up to the sound of a screeching alarm.

During the task, Bani revealed to Gaurav in a heated debate that she feels that no one cares about her in the house and therefore there is no reason for her to be nice to anyone or be friends with anyone for her.

And during this entire episode, she keeped speaking in English again!

Will Bigg Boss be angry?

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