Bowed Bigg Boss 10 contestant Priyanka Jagga’s ‘big Lie’ finally exposed

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Even though Priyanka was eliminated from Bigg Boss 10, she’s still grabbing the headlines everyday. 

When it was announced that Priyanka Jagga, one of the commoners in Bigg Boss 10 has been eliminated from Salman Khan’s show right in the first week, we were surprised, if not shocked, given that the lady caused a lot of turbulence inside the house. Right from peeing in her pants and asking celebrity contestant Bani J to wash them to getting into an abusive argument with Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fame Rohan Mehra, Priyanka did everything possible to get attention from viewers. So it was hard to digest the fact that the makers of nation’s most controversial reality show are moving away from the norm and sending out a strong message that hooliganism is not the key to make it to the end anymore. priyanka-jagga

However now that she is out of the house, Priyanka is still grabbing the headlines. First it was her alleged ex-boyfriend Gautam Arora, who spilled some beans about her failed marriage. Not just that he also went on to say that how she is always after money. It was quite appalling given how she said that there is no trouble in her paradise while she was inside the house and also in her audition tape that was leaked on the internet. However, just as we thought that all the drama surrounding Priyanka is slowly dying down, a music video of hers has is making the rounds, thereby exposing her big lie about her profession.

Priyanka always maintained that she is a Marketing Recruiter, but this music video that she apparently shot before setting her foot inside the house clearly proves otherwise. And we aren’t really surprised. Remember how we revealed that other commoners like Manoj Manu Punjabi, Om Swami and Navin Prakash are not really aam admis for they too faced the camera before entering the Bigg Boss house?

Coming back to her music video, let us tell you that it has been deleted, for the reasons best known to the people who put it out in the first place.

Anyway, let us know your thoughts about Priyanka’s lie in the comments section below.

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