Bigg Boss 10: Three contestants who stole the thunder in week one!

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Priyanka Jagga, Lokesh Kumari Sharma and Om Swamiji are our pick of the week. Who impressed you this week on the show?

Reality TV show of Bigg Boss completed the first week of its 10th season on Sunday. The game began right from day one with commoner and celebrity participants vying for audience votes in their own ways.

As commoners Priyanka Jagga and Manoj Manu Punjabi picked on the celebs for the smallest of things, most of them chose to stay dormant through the first week.

Here, we take a look at the contestants who managed to grab the maximum limelight with their actions and antics in the first week:

Priyanka Jaggapr

Priyanka knows exactly how to be in the limelight. The marketing recruiter was the first one to disturb the peace of the house by picking fights with other inmates and criticising the food right on day one. She did not miss a single opportunity to put the sevaks aka celebs in a tough spot. Be it wrongly linking her up with the secrets during the ‘Raaz’ task or doing the chores, the 32-year-old mom troubled all of them. How can we forget the ugly fight between her and TV actor Rohan Mehra or the numerous ones she had with Bani?

Lokesh Kumari Sharmasharma

Commoner Lokesh has been entertaining everyone in the house as well as audiences by her broadcasts as ‘Dhinchak reporter’. She floored host Salman Khan with her antics and even performed the Bigg Boss rap that she has created for the host. She is also someone who does not shy away from taking a stand for herself. Her mannerisms cheer up inmates and entertain viewers alike.

Om Swamiom-swami

Om Swami is on a different mode altogether. He told everyone the unbelievable story about how he started speaking as soon as he was born. In the middle of the night, he woke up the celebrities and asked them to serve food so that he could take his medicine. Lopamudra Raut was supporting him out of respect but he got into an unbelievable argument with the model. Even as the Indiawale chose to send him to jail, he continued with his ranting and bugged Bhojpuri item queen Monalisa, who was also in the jail with him. Recently he was seen stealing a deodorant.

These are our pick of the week. Who impressed you in week one on the show? Share with in the comment section below.

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