Bigg Boss 10 Day: Commoner Priyanka Jagga pees in her pants; asks VJ Bani to wash the same clothes

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Bigg Boss 10 contestant Priyanka Jagga stooped to an all new low as she asked VJ Bani to wash the clothes she peed in.

The luxury budget tasks of Bigg Boss have been historically successful in bringing out the true selves of the contestants, and the current season is doing no less. Commoner and the mother of two, Priyanka Jagga has stooped to an all time low while making fights her primary strategy of making her way up the ladder in the reality show.

In this newly-introduced task, Bigg Boss has given the commoners yet another chance to become the Maliks and rule the house, while the celebrities would continue as the Sevaks.

According to the task, two selected contestants from both the groups are supposed to sit on a rocking toy horse and keep moving it continuously. The moment a voice alarm is sounded, the Sevaks are supposed to make Maliks sitting on the horse drink a cup of water and vice versa.

While the Sevaks team elected elect Bani and Gaurav to participate in the task, Priyanka and Navin represented the Maliks team.

And the first to quit the task were celebrity VJ Bani and commoner Navin. While the others kept continuing with task, commoner Priyanka is said to have peed in her pants for not being control it, but she still continued with the task even after that.

Problems happened when the task got over. Priyanka, reportedly, exercising her right as a Malik asked Sevak contestant Bani to wash the clothes she peed in. As expected, it resulted in a major fight between the two and the other contestants reportedly supported Bani and lashed out at Priyanka.

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